Storytelling Matters In the Fight for Safe Abortion

Storytelling Matters In the Fight for Safe Abortion

From Argentina to Ireland, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda, storytelling has been an important tool to inspire community action and make a lasting positive change for  access to safe abortion. SafeHands conveys important stories through hard-hitting films and to ensure all women and girls can make choices over their bodies and lives.


Earlier this week, lawmakers in Argentina voted on a historic bill to decriminalize abortion after 22 hours of debate. The bill brings women in Argentina one step closer to being able to exercise choice over their bodies and lives. We are grateful to the thousands of women in Argentina who have been sharing their stories and lobbying to bring about this change. Last month, thousands of Irish women made the journey home from around the globe to vote in a landmark referendum to repeal the 8th amendment, which had banned all access to abortion except where the mother’s life was in danger. Using #HomeToVote on social media, countless stories emerged of the deeply personal reasons that women were returning home, usually at significant personal and financial cost, to support efforts to legalise abortion. These powerful narratives were an important reminder of the repercussion of restrictive abortion laws.

At SafeHands, we believe in storytelling to initiate discussion and dispel myths and misconceptions on taboo and difficult subjects, including safe abortion. Personal stories and accounts are important in the fight for safe abortion to:

  • Share experiences to help those making choices and show they are not alone
  • Help others that experience abortion it is part of real people’s lives
  • Address taboos on abortion to counteract negative myths and misconceptions.

We share real experiences of abortion, personal narratives and experiences:

  • Sharifa in Who Cares About Her? survived an unsafe abortion at 15 years old in Uganda
  • Moving Mountains examines the stigma and misconception on comprehensive abortion care and comprehensive post abortion care.

We remain committed to continue sharing personal experiences and join the fight for women and girls to access safe abortion everywhere.

Nancy Durell Mckenna