There are countless rituals and taboos surrounding menstruation all over the world. Through our films, we're seeking to shed light on these practices and how they impact women and girls. 

Learn more in our films, Restoring Dignity. One Period At A Time, Chaupadi: Banished for Bleeding, and The Dipo Ceremony, and on our YouTube channel

Malawi Girl Guides Love Menstrual Cups

Girl Guides in Malawi love their menstrual cups because they are hygienic, reduce environmental waste and save money. 'Comfortable, re-Usable, Private, Sustainable,' they sing. By openly discussing menstruation, they reduce stigma and improve understanding and respect of girls' bodies.

Restoring Dignity. One Period At A Time.

Shontel is 17 years old from Greenville, South Carolina. She is one of many girls and women around the world who struggle to afford sanitary products. Facing shame and humiliation, they often miss school and work. The Homeless Period Project provides menstrual products to those in need to end stigma and restore dignity to these girls and women.

Chaupadi: Banished for Bleeding

Chaupadi is a Nepalese practice that marginalises and banishes girls and women to cowsheds during their monthly menstruation. The 'banished' are exposed to predators both animal and human and suffer the consequences of inclement weather. Witness one woman’s passion and activism to abolish the practice.

The Dipo Ceremony

The Dipo Ceremony is a ritual performed for Krobo women in Eastern Ghana. Dipo trains a young girl who has gone through puberty for her role as a woman, and celebrates this rite of passage through adornment of her body with traditional beads and jewellery.

Breaking The Cycle

A 'sizzler' for our film Breaking the Cycle about menstruation internationally. This documentary explores the myths and rituals that surround the taboo subject of menstruation. Filmed in Kenya and Denmark.