Storytelling Matters In the Fight for Safe Abortion

From Argentina to Ireland, Uganda to the United States, storytelling is a crucial part of the global push forward to grant and protect the rights of women to access safe, legal abortion.


Stories like that of Sharifa who survived an unsafe abortion at 15 after the men she trusted, the men who said they would do anything for her, left her without options as soon as they found out she was pregnant. Or the story of Claire, who was thrilled to be pregnant but when the pregnancy was determined to be not viable, was forced to carry her pregnancy to term because abortion was illegal in all conditions.

Again and again, we are seeing the push for access to safe abortion propelled forward by women sharing stories like these - stories which pushing back against stereotypes, and overcoming stigma, and remind everyone that women who have abortions are real women with their own stories to tell.

At SafeHands, we believe in the power of storytelling to ignite discussion and dispel myths and misconceptions, including around safe abortion. Personal stories and accounts are important in the fight for safe abortion to:

  • Help those making choices and remind them that they are not alone

  • Remind communities that abortion is part of real people’s lives

  • Address taboos and counteract myths and misconceptions.

As the fight for safe abortion continues around the world, we remain committed to sharing these personal experiences and their power to propel the rights of women and girls forward.

Nancy Durell Mckenna