Going the distance for SafeHands!

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The SafeHands team is going the distance to raise awareness about the importance of maternity care for women worldwide. The team will cycle, swim, jump, trek, and run in events across London, Windsor, and Nepal over the next few months.

Kicking things off, Paige, our new Communication Officer, will spend the day behind (handle) bars as she takes on the 55 mile cycle from London to Windsor.

Next up, Founder Director, Nancy Durrell McKenna will swap her lens for her wetsuit and swim a mile of open water as part of the Swim Serpentine in Hyde Park on the 22nd of September.

Amal, our adventurous intern, will face her fear of heights and take the 160 ft leap of faith (that’s about half the height of Big Ben!) in London’s North Greenwich Bungee Jump for the third leg of the challenge.

Our team adrenaline junkie, Shay Howard, is going above and beyond, trekking for 12 days through Nepal's Mt. Everest base camp

And finishing it off, Erica Belanger, our Assistant Director, will be beating the streets of West London for a grueling 13.1 miles on the 4th of November, as part of the Richmond Half Marathon.

These challenges will see the SafeHands team pushed to their limits, however, their struggles pale in comparison to the global struggle of women day in and day out who can’t access the health services they need and want, from life-saving maternal care to quality, affordable contraception. Therefore, in choosing to use their bodies to go the distance, our team is testing their limits so women worldwide can choose how they use their own.

If you would like to support these efforts and help SafeHands continue to tackle taboo issues like obstetric fistula, female genital mutilation (FGM), and family planning, please donate on our FUNDRAISING page.

Or if you want to get involved in your own way, email us at studio@safehands.org to plan your own fundraiser!

Nancy Durell Mckenna