Galentines Day: Girlfriends, periods and menstrual cups

This Galentine's Day, 13 February, SafeHands for Mothers is calling on women to change the way we talk about periods. On this day of spreading love with the women in your life, we ask women to consider the benefits of a menstrual cup on social media with the hashtag #loveyourcup.  

love your cup.jpg

Menstrual cups are a reliable and reusable alternative to tampons and pads. Instead of absorbing blood, it catches it. Many women are hesitant to give them a try. We get it - menstrual cup can be daunting. Menstrual cups are becoming more mainstream and popular. Hearing from people who already use menstrual cups is a great way for the cupcurious to jump in.

#LoveYourCup is part of SafeHands latest campaign It's A Menstrual Cup aimed a demystify menstrual cups and moving to break down period taboos. The campaign raises awareness of the many benefits to users, their wallets, and the environment in a series of videos on  

Speaking on the eve of Galentine’s Day, Founder Director Nancy Durrell McKenna said "We all talk with our girlfriends about the nuisances of periods - the cramps, the bloating. It’s A Menstrual Cup is changing the way we talk about periods and brings a little joy into the lives of women around us. As we share our experiences of periods and using menstrual cups, we still have a long way to go to de-stigmatise periods. But women can be a bit more comfortable talking about their bodies."  

Nancy Durell Mckenna