SafeHands Featured on Elbi Charity App

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Imagine this: You’re 18. You and your partner have been together for a while. After talking it over, you’ve decided you want more information but where do you turn? For millions of young people throughout Uganda, the answer is nowhere. Without a place to access accurate, judgement free information, many have unprotected sex and hope for the best.  What if the answer to your questions was right in your pocket?

SafeHands is developing an AI text service to reach any phone that uses SMS text messaging and can answer any question on safe sex. Ask a question, get an answer.

From September – October 2019, SafeHands is working with the Elbi Foundation to raise funds to put accurate, confidential information directly into the hands of young people in Uganda.  

Download the Elbi App and support SafeHands work today. Support our Campaign for your chance to win exclusive items and prizes from iconic brands.

Nancy Durell Mckenna