Breaking the Cycle Films

Our ‘Breaking the Cycle’ project tackles some of the taboos, rituals and challenges surrounding menstruation. Our films – the Dipo Ceremony, and  Chaupadi –  increase awareness of cultural issues around menstruation that restrict women’s lives around the world. The films are complemented by a detailed distribution plan and an interactive digital campaign in which we ask audiences to take action by:   

  • Sharing stories of menstruation experiences on social media
  • Holding a film screening and discussion event
  • Starting a conversation with young men about the film’s messages
  • Donating: support a school in their country of residence to provide free feminine hygiene products to students
  • Supporting federal/country legislation that affects women’s lives around menstruation

Chaupadi is a Nepalese practice that marginalises and banishes girls and women to cowsheds during their monthly menstruation. The 'banished' are exposed to predators, both animal and human, and suffer the consequences of inclement weather.

The Dipo Ceremony is a ritual performed for Krobo women in Eastern Ghana. Dipo trains a young girl who has gone through puberty for her role as a woman, and celebrates this rite of passage through adornment of her body with traditional beads and jewellery.

Nancy Durell Mckenna