What We Do


 In the past 16 years, the work of SafeHands has expanded, but what remains at the core of our work is the belief that when women tell their personal stories, they have the power to spark change.

Our Expertise

Each member of our team brings a passion for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and a drive to enable women and girls to make decisions for themselves. With our diverse experience and combined 65 years in the sector, our work is driven by three principle areas of expertise.

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We work with women and girls and their communities to create products that will engage, inspire, and educate. We believe that the best way to create effective projects is to work with communities. We co-ordinate with community members, leaders, and service providers to collaboratively develop the right messages in the right medium.

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Ethical Storytelling

People are multidimensional, ever-changing, and dignified, and their stories should be too. By developing messages with communities we strive to ensure that we listen and enable them to define and present their own stories in their voice. We never speak on their behalf.

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We believe in the importance of continuously developing knowledge and evidence for the environment we work in and the changes that we are striving for. We apply this evidence to build stronger programmes that respond to and integrate the needs of women and girls.


Our Approach

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Working with Communities

We believe that communities we work with and community members are the experts on how to change attitudes and spark action. That’s why we work with communities. Through the expertise of local SRHR champions, we collaboratively identify the challenges and design solutions that will engage, inspire, and educate.

Documenting Stories

We believe the stories of women and girls have the power to spark action and encourage others to know their sexual rights, seek out accurate information and quality services. We never speak for the women we work with. Instead, we enable them to present their stories in their own voices.


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Getting the Message Out

How you get a message is as important as what the message is. That is why we are investing in innovative technology to ensure we deliver critical information to even the most hard-to-reach communities. Whether it is film on a solar-powered media player, AI chatbots, we find the best way to get the message to the those that need it most.

Facilitating Discussions

Stories are powerful, but they cannot work alone. Women and girls’ rights to control their bodies will only improve when we talk with our own communities. That’s why we work with local champions to create spaces to have difficult conversations. It is in these discussions that change happens and progress is made.

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Innovative Technology

Advances in technology has the potential to transform access to information. While technology is advancing, it’s often not reaching the most under-served communities. We are committed to leveraging technology to reach women and girls no matter where they are. Learn more about the technology that we are developing.

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Solar-Powered Tablets

We distributed over 300 of our solar powered media tablets to remote communities in Ethiopia. Carried in a backpack by frontline health workers, our media players deliver vital health messages to educate, empower, and inspire in even the most remote communities.

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Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

In partnership with SayItNow and Reproductive Health Uganda, we are adapting an AI chatbot using SMS and WhatsApp platforms to deliver quality, non-judgemental youth-friendly SRHR information to young people in Uganda.